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There are hundreds of websites where you can look for the most popular tourist attractions in any given place, and it can be hard to look beyond those to find the real hidden gems at your destination.

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The city where our nation was founded has many hidden gems!

8 challenges available.

New York

The city that never sleeps. Thought by many to be the cultural capitol of the United States.

4 challenges available.

San Francisco

The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco

4 challenges available.


An important settlement for more than two millennia, Paris had become, by the 12th century, one of Europe's foremost centres of learning and the arts and the largest city in the Western world until the turn of the 18th century

3 challenges available.


As Netherlands' commercial capital and one of the top financial centres in Europe, Amsterdam is considered an alpha world city

3 challenges available.


Tokyo has been described as one of the three "command centers" for the world economy, along with New York City and London

2 challenges available.


London is a leading global city, with strengths in the arts, commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, healthcare, media, professional services, research and development, tourism and transport all contributing to its prominence

1 challenge available.


Seattle is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest region of North America and the largest city on the West Coast north of San Francisco

0 challenges available.


Chicago's notability has found expression in numerous forms of popular culture, including novels, plays, movies, songs, various types of journals (for example, sports, entertainment, business, trade, and academic), and the news media

0 challenges available.